Quality process management products and services with more than 12 years’ experience.


COBUS BPM, the way to efficiency

COBUS BPM software maps, automates and manages any type of business process. Our BPM’s goal is to improve business´ efficiency by generating key performance indicators of the processes and by applying “Continuous Improvement” as part of the daily process control. In addition it optimizes customer service by providing more communication channels such as SMS, emails, webtracking, mobile or web applications to your customers and avoiding them from wasting their time driving to your business.


COBUS BPM, the way to efficiency at government purchases

COBUS Compras Públicas is a specialized software for government purchases process of Ecuadorian legislation. It automates about 40 activities at the preparatory, precontractual, contractual and payments stages.


COBUS BPM – Digital Cities, Smart Cities

COBUS Virtual Ventanilla is a software that allows you to offer 100% remote service 24 hours a day, providing citizens or clients the alternative of interacting from the comfort of their home or office through their computer or mobile device to initiate requests, track, pay remotely, receive electronically signed responses, etc.



  • Process mapping and redesign

  • Process automation

  • Process efficiency improvement and control


  • TOC

  • Custom development