Optimize organization´s business process with quality software

Process management

Corporate methodology and management discipline; the goal is to improve performance (efficiency and effectiveness) and optimize every organization´s business process, by designing, modeling, organizing and documenting continuously every step and stage of each process. It´s about creating a system that can be described as a procedure of process optimization.

The process management model refers to an operational modification in the business by migrating from a functional operation to a managed step by step operation.

From the 80s on, following the Japanese model (Toyota Production System) and the emergence of international quality standards that the implementation of a structural system based on process management was promoted.


We are committed to Quality Software, understood as the result of the proper management of IT projects, continuous process  review, and performance through the implementation of a Quality Management System based on CMMI, ruled by Cuatro Ríos Technology Cluster, entity that annually verifies the monitoring procedures compliance for our products development and provides us with their Seal of Quality.