Specialized on business efficiency improvement through process management and automation.

Process management products and services since 2004.

Process mapping and redesign

Visualise current processes and find improvements that have the greatest impact ready to be automated via BPM software.

Process automation - COBUS BPM

COBUS BPM automates and controls all types of business processes in your organization. More…

Process efficiency improvement and control

Throw key performance indicators generated by BPM software apply “continuous improvement” and as result obtain a high efficient business.

95 % of the organizations don´t have automatic indicators of their processes in real time

“You cannot improve what you cannot measure”

William Thomson

We design, automate and generate key performance indicators of every process in order to focus on the critical situations to effortlessly achieve a high impact on the company´s efficiency.

Let your business be the #1

  • Controls processes´ efficiency, continuous improvement applied day by day

  • Redesigns and improves customer service processes, make their lives easier. A happy customer will bring more customers

  • Don´t make them drive to your business or wait in line

  • Let them send applications from their computer or mobile device

  • Secure payments from your phone where ever you are

  • Offer them several communication channels such as SMS or Web

  • Offer them web and mobile tracking

Success will not be optional, it will be for real