COBUS BPM is an advanced technological tool that automates processes, generates key performance indicators and uses several methodologies to convert your company into a very efficient model business.

Business Process Management

Corporate methodology to improve business processes performance and optimization, through the processes management that must be designed, modeled, organized, documented and optimized in a continuous way.

Continuous improvement

COBUS BPM allows you to apply continuous improvement day by day through the analysis of key performance indicators provided by the application after an effective process control.

Six Sigma

COBUS BPM generates several reports created exclusively to apply Six Sigma methodology during process control.

Balance Score Card

COBUS BPM supports the Balance Scorecard generation. Through its performance indicators “Process perspective” is obtained.

TOC (Theory of constraits)

COBUS BPM arranges each employee´s tasks prioritizing the procedures that require more attention, in order for the process to be more agile. It doesn´t let the employee decide which activity to work with because normally they will choose the simplest one. To do tasks order must be specified by COBUS BPM based on each business´ efficiency goal.

Business intelligence

By using electronic forms to store data, we are keeping valuable information in the database, allowing it to be displayed in customized reports through COBUS BPM´s Business Intelligence module.