1. Configuration

  • The process is ready in the cloud with “best practices”, thanks to the participation of experts in different government institutions at national level and complying with Ecuador’s law, regulation and procurement manual.

  • At this stage we will review the processes and, if necessary, customize them to the reality of your institution. In addition, the necessary information will be loaded and the process indicators will be configured.

2. Purchasing request and tracking

Once the process is configured it is ready for use and will be available to users to fill the requests and perform the activities that come to their inbox.

It will also be possible to trace or follow each request to determine the state in which it is, the system will display the process flow diagram marking with different colors the activities that have already been made and the ones that are not ready yet.

3. Process Management Indicators

COBUS Compras Públicas generates the following indicators that allow you to create alerts, make changes, certify and optimize the government purchases:

  • Process activities that require more time and attention

  • Staff with higher and lower performance

  • Average time of each activity

  • Number of pending tasks by process, activity and person, etc.

COBUS reviews the indicators, analyzes with its process expertise and periodically delivers reports with “opportunities for improvement” to achieve a highly efficient government purchases process.