1. Process Automation

Designs the process flow to be automate

2. Tracking

Monitor each process status

3. Processes management indicators

Strategically control each process to convert your company into a high efficient business

1. Process automation

  • It designs the process flow to be automated, indicating the guidelines that rule the business and the order of the activities involved in this process.

  • It designs electronic forms (paperless) with the required information for each process or procedure.

2. Tracking

Once the processes are designed, they are ready to go into production. You will be able to friendly monitor each process status through graphics that will show you completed activities, current activities and those that are pending. Failure to complete them within the specified time, COBUS BPM generates alerts.

3. Processes management indicators generation

COBUS BPM generates the following indicators in order to create alerts, make modifications, certify and optimize processes:

  • Parts of the process requiring more given time and attention

  • High and low performance employees

  • Average developed time of each activity involved in every process

  • Number of pending tasks per process, activity, employee, etc.

These indicators allow us to strategically control each process to convert your company into a high efficient business.