Sensor Vital

Assignment, monitoring and control of tasks remotely through COBUS Tasks & KPIs doing an effective virtual office at the pandemic.  

Universidad de Yachay

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Automation of 28 administrative flow charts, 1383 nodes, 22 forms, 242 templates, 49 process indicators reports, 15 management reports!!! Goverment purchases, travel, document management, personnel hiring, etc. Automatic generation of documents with embedded electronic signature. Customized and adapted to the national reality!

Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado de Cuenca

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- 2020. COBUS Tasks & KPIs for purchase's department. Implementation of virtual office by controlling and assigning remote tasks so that employees can work from their homes during the pandemic. - 2017. Quipux processes indicators now are provided linking with COBUS BPM. Among the indicators that are generated are: average time of attention per employee, number of [...]


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We started modeling and automation processes with COBUS BPM: Procurement , Installation , Feasibility and Claims (sewerage , commercial and technical). Process Designer   Form designer Once ready all processes were put into production with the aim of: Improve service to citizens Get the key process indicators KPI Messages with Emails and SMS were incorporated in various [...]

Municipio de Quito

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Tramifácil , a project with funding from the World Bank to improve and automate the following processes: operating licenses, construction permits , habitability license, horizontal property, report metropolitan regulation, registration stages, etc ; they chose COBUS BPM in this important project for the city of Quito, to automatate these processes in the 7 zonal administrations of the [...]

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